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bitch/moan [16 Jan 2007|10:20am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

i hate everything right now and it has potentially been the worst day yet. i blame this fact on 9 am - 6 pm school days, ceaseless headaches, classes i don't like, and lack of funds.

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europa [07 Jan 2007|07:23am]
blogger is slow. i am in france. it is so dreadfully pretty here, i don't know what to do with myself! thank god i have internet now, i feel like i have been so deprived. i'm gonna go tear up the town now and jump in the seine. going to the bars tonight. if people want to appellez-moi, le numero est 06 98 73 05 70. bisous!
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l'annee commence [01 Jan 2007|05:13pm]
feeling good
it's a new year
got all a's last semester
didn't have a hangover today
no time to pack
adventures await!

i made a new blog for stuff about europe. i don't know why i need another journal/blog, but i decided to make one anyway. it's http://majestysnowbird.blogspot.com. hit it!
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I AM GUNNING FOR YOU CANNES [22 Dec 2006|05:53pm]
I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess who is going to be interning at the cannes international film festival next spring...

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stopdrop [15 Oct 2006|09:51pm]
1. sufjan stevens's new song "majesty snowbird" is a masterpiece. i want everyone to download it and be amazed. it's basically a 10-minute long epic that has the power to affirm lives. that sums it up right there. i think i've had an obsession with this theme lately, of epics. and sufjan, of course.

2. and some favors i beseech of the lovely liverjournal community. haha. liverjournal. anywho:
a. anyone going to:
i. cursive?
ii. minus the bear/the velvet teen?
b. halloween costume ideas?

3. what's going on everybody? talk to me people.
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squeaky santas [11 Oct 2006|12:02am]
ummmm so sufjan stevens was pretty incredible. i still get tingly when i think about it and have been wearing the same stupid smile on my face for the past three hours. i am really really happy now that i ended up buying tickets for both days because now i get to feel retardedly fuzzy tomorrow as well! yaaay all is good in life with sufjan stevens around!
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rude awakenings? [03 Oct 2006|11:41am]
monday night sleepovers are a great idea, especially when everyone has 8 or 9 am classes in the morning.

the only reason it's not a good idea is because stupid josie-head is a light sleeper and complains about noise. bahhhh i forget she is so high maintenance sometimes.

frankly, i have stopped caring about being considerate.
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eap [02 Oct 2006|04:14pm]
i've noticed more or less lately that berkeley is a big promoter of the "weeding out" policy. from competitive freshman admissions right down to holding all the lower div bio classes at 8 am everyday to weed out all the real mcb from the "fake" mcb majors, berkeley, sometimes you can be a really big jerk. yeah, i'm talking about having to fill out 82235295 forms for going abroad and doing stupid shit like getting forms notarized and going to the french consulate and ordering expensive rush transcripts and getting 20 passport photos taken, really dumb bureaucratic stuff that is time-consuming, especially worse when people within said bureaucracy are inefficient and of no help! bah!

it's almost enough to make me not want to go. almost.

my flight leaves friday, january 5th, 2007. yesssss!
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i can't get past this [24 Sep 2006|11:15pm]
what what wha....

is it just me or does fergalicious sound sort of like peaches?

and how/why is my taste in music so awful?
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oops [23 Sep 2006|02:26am]
things that rule:
tea blossoms
joseph gordon-levitt
antonio banderas in almodovar films of the 80s

things that don't:
a sore throat
death from spinach
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ratatat [19 Sep 2006|12:52pm]

so i am sitting at home on my bed, starting/finishing up a paper and i can hear the sounds of ratatat soundchecking/playing? on lower sproul coming through my window. it's sounding pretty awesome. i think there should always be a good band playing live on sproul whenever i need study music.

also, when you publish lj posts now, the button you click says "update captain's log." how cool is that?

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wheee [15 Sep 2006|06:04pm]

i haven't been able to articulate myself very eloquently lately. this can't mean any good things for me when i begin to write papers. therefore, listing it is:

-- why is the new justin timberlake album great?
-- why is it so freaking nice outside today?
-- yoga + cheeseboard = balanced friday afternoon.
-- my cell phone still is not sending/receiving text messages. this is really starting to get to me.
-- i can't wait for ryan to get back to maul him for having touched pandas.
-- i am really excited about purchasing a nintendo ds.
-- going to the city tomorrow. hopefully it'll be lovely then too.
-- so you think you can dance performance tonight! yes!
-- converge and sufjan coming up soon too! double yes!

i am thrilled about everything. this year has gotten off to a great start. hope everyone else is doing lovely as well.

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panda sad sad sad [09 Sep 2006|12:41am]
oh shit. i am in such an awful state of being right now. from the yahoo headlines:

Panda Inconsolable After Crushing Newborn Twin
The tragedy occurred because the panda had not slept or eaten properly since giving birth. Zookeepers will take great care to improve her mood...

i just couldn't read anymore. i am completely devastated. and, having lost a pint of blood today, news like this can't be that great for my health. i mean really. ahhhhh!
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my mind on my dough [13 Aug 2006|06:55pm]

this is the best thing ever.
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$$$ [26 Jul 2006|02:05am]
so much for saving money for europe. i thought sufjan stevens in the fall would be enough... i completely forgot that fall is the time for a slew of good shows. absolutely ridiculous!

here are my top contenders that i shall watch closely, since many of these tickets are going on sale soon!

sept 9 - dragonforce!!!!!! @ the warfield
sept 14 - tortoise @ the great american music hall
sept 17 - the advantage @ the bottom of the hill
sept 18 - ratatat @ the great american music hall
sept 25 - MASTODON and CONVERGE @ slim's WTF MATE
sept 27 - head automatica @ the fillmore
oct 11 - sufjan stevens @ zellerbach, yay
oct 16 - ladytron @ the fillmore 
nov 4 - mewithoutyou @ slim's
nov 10 - minus the bear, the velvet teen @ bimbo's 365 

any takers?!?
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down is the new up [25 Jun 2006|01:50am]
usually if i go to a show that is really good, i'll say it was good and that will be the end of that. friday night i saw radiohead. and it was pretty incredible.

however, tonight's radiohead show was like the kind that will live in your dreams and linger for days to come. after seeing them tonight, all i want to do is listen to them endlessly. and normally, these days, i wouldn't write many particulars, but this show was just so memorable, that i feel like it has to be documented somewhere. and so...

before the show even started, things were all over the place. i had a really good spot in line and then got moved up in line farther and each time i was in a different spot, i got offered different kinds of food. the first time, i got offered melted hazelnut chocolate, then i moved up and got potato pastries and a beer. so bizarre. this guy was just like, "hey here's an extra beer." so i drank to the good of radiohead! and to standing in line for 5 hours!

and how strange is it that i ended up sitting next to that weird mark guy who always wears cowboy boots and likes the strokes from popscene? besides that, the crowd was a lot more energetic today than they were friday. people were more rowdy and rambunctious, not in an obnoxious get-out-of-my-face-or-i'll-hurt-you-way, but more like a look-at-me-try-to-dance-like-thom-yorke way.

anywho, they began the set with airbag, and proceeded to play a ridiculous amount of ok computer, including my favorites climbing up the walls (fantastic!), no surprises (sigh) and paranoid android (unexpected surprise)! there was this one point they began to play this new song, nude, i think it's called and thom made the band stop halfway through the song because it didn't sound right. so they played it over again, "from the top." the band was generally a lot more active tonight and thom did a lot of his weird i-have-rickets dance moves and spoke to the crowd a lot. the new songs that were repeated in their setlist from the night before sounded a lot better and more put together and by the time they played how to disappear completely (which i wasn't expecting either), i was completely in a trance.

they did not play idioteque again or ever play karma police, but did do fake plastic trees during their encore, so i guess maybe it all cancels each other out. especially when you consider the fact that they started playing true love waits as an intro to everything in its right place!! wtf. that basically made everything.

then during some song in the encore, i think maybe black star, this guy runs up on stage and this security guy immediately tackles him and they just roll around on the stage for a bit while the band continues to do their own business. it was fairly amusing to see. and then they closed with the tourist and i died and went to ok computer heaven.

overall while i am still not sure if tonight's setlist was better than friday's i would say tonight was definitely the better concert by far, if only because the retarded drunk people made things more interesting, the intensity of thom's quirky dances, a light show enough to give you seizures, and the guy who ran up on stage. it was quite spectacular and i am sad that i do not have more time/money to see them in san diego and l.a.!

oh well! tomorrow is gay pride so i am going to hang with, as chirag would call them, "a pack of gays" and celebrate and cheer to a positively delightful radiohead-filled weekend.
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two more days! [22 Jun 2006|12:04am]
i can't believe i didn't realize this sooner... anywho, matthew barney is in town because he has this huge drawing restraint exhibit opening up in sfmoma this week, and word is that bjork has tagged along as well... this also coincides with the radiohead performances this weekend. "i've seen it all" maybe??? bjork better make an appearance. it would be too intense for words.

i have not been this excited for a concert in a long time. hearing idioteque and everything in its right place and hopefully climbing up the walls and hopefully pyramid song and pretty much everything else in their catalogue will make this weekend so complete. so so complete.
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we think the same things at the same time [20 Jun 2006|02:20pm]

who assigns a ten-page midterm the week before a ten-page final is due? honestly! summer school, you fail me.

regardless, it feels good to be done with that load of crap even though i know this only means that i have to start on the next.

i also have a silent film project due next week, which i have not put any thought into at all. all i wanna do is sneak a camera into the radiohead show and take 30 second clips and paste them together in some rudimentary silent-film like way... and then play something else over it. 

if anyone has any better silent film ideas, then by all means, let me know. i need to start shooting sometime this week!

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flaaaaaavors [06 Jun 2006|02:50pm]
note to self: just because yogurt park is serving bavarian mint chocolate, OR georgia peach OR chocolate obsession, doesn't mean that i have to get it, especially even if i don't feel like it in the first place. right? right.

next semester i am going to turn into a cow. after i kill this bitch, of course.
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one! two! [24 May 2006|02:06am]
even more annoying things to add to my ever-growing collection of punching bags -- not being able to obtain dance shoes. i think i seriously tried about three different places but failed due to either: the power being out at the store or getting lost and then calling the store and all of the employees not being able to tell me where the store was located. i hate alameda. i can't believe i put all this effort into getting stupid shoes and now i have no shoes and i am sad because i will have to dance in socks and get them dirty because i don't want to dance barefoot because i don't want foot fungus. bleh. i don't know why this is worrying me so much, but it is for some reason.

and i almost killed my tastebuds by eating a medium-level thai stick 4.0 dish but i did the whirlwind so i guess things can't be too bad. except for my feet.
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